End 用户 License Agreement

被许可方表示明确同意并签订协议,或者受本最终用户许可协议的约束或受其约束,或在此称为“EULA”单击Whizlabs上的‘‘I accept’ or “I agree”或使用Whizlabs 服务。

The important considerations for the following 最终用户许可协议 include,

  • Whizlabs在此将指Whizlabs Software Private Limited或Whizlabs Education Inc.,以及相关联属公司,也表示为“we” or “us”.
  • Licensee would hereby refer to the individual, organization or agency that takes licensing for the Whizlabs 服务.

与Whizlabs达成的EULA有助于管理Whizlabs 服务(以下称为“服务”)的所有使用。您通过访问或使用您已注册或注册的服务将本EULA视为具有约束力的协议。您通过使用我们的服务接受以下内容,

  1. 您已彻底阅读并理解了这些术语
  2. That you are in agreement for using our 服务 according to the relevant laws 和 the terms specified in this 最终用户许可协议
  3. That you are an Authorized 用户 (covered in the “Key Definitions” section)

Upon disagreement with the 最终用户许可协议 和 the criteria for a “User”, you are not eligible for using our 服务.

1. 关键定义

  1. Whizlabs拥有本网站以及相关应用程序,服务,内容和技术(简称为“Services”).
  2. 我们可能会通过互联网在您的移动或Web应用程序或浏览器上提供我们的服务,并且可能包括注册(在此简称为“Enrolment”)在一门或多门在线课程中(以下简称为“Course(s)”),通过服务提供,以供个人使用或与您的组织或雇主提供的课程有关的个人使用(以下简称““Institution”).
  3. 用户s can continue using their 用户帐号 (covered in the “授权服务使用者”以下部分)提供我们无限期的服务,并在此期间注册所需的课程。但是,用户访问通过我们的服务提供的特定课程遵循的订阅模式侧重于有限的时间段(每一个都称为““Subscription”).
  4. 服务可以由Whizlabs直接提供,或者用户可以通过与用户管理下的帐户的第三方集成来访问服务’s 机构 or integrated third-party service provider (referred hereby as “Third-Party Service”).
  5. The 服务 could have link to or offer options for accessing third-party applications or 网站s.

2. 授权服务使用者

  1. Authorized 用户 in this 最终用户许可协议 would hereby refer to individuals such as administrators, students 和 机构 representatives, with reasonably lawful access to 服务 directly on Whizlabs or the 第三方服务 or the 机构 that has affiliation with the individual.
  2. 每个用户都必须创建一个用户帐户(在此称为“User Account”),方法是通过提供详细信息进行注册,例如名字,姓氏和有效的电子邮件地址(要求机构和课程名称或注册代码),并分配秘密和唯一的用户名和密码(在此称为““Account Credentials”),并提供用户所需的其他信息’机构,开始访问服务。
  3. Additional terms of user or specifications for account access are applicable in situations when your 机构 sets up your 用户帐号 or through direct access from Integrated 第三方服务, including enterprise resource planning systems 和 learning management system.
  4. Whizlabs始终拥有使用用户的特权’s 账户凭证 for account verification before offering access to 服务, every time the user accesses the 服务.
  5. 用户s can have only one particular active 用户帐号 at any specific instance.
  6. 用户s express agreement for ensuring accuracy 和 truth in the information provided for creating 用户帐号 和 ensuring prompt updates regarding changes in the information.
  7. 用户必须至少年满18岁才能访问或注册服务。未经其父母或监护人事先许可,其各自司法管辖区中未成年使用者不能注册或使用服务。
  8. 用户s understand 和 acknowledge the access privileges of administrators in their 机构 和 第三方服务 to their 用户帐号. 用户s must also understand 和 acknowledge that the administrators could carry out tasks such as suspension, termination 和 modification of their 用户帐号 和/or their access to the 服务 for any reason at any given time.


  1. The 用户帐号 is suitable for personal use only. 用户s cannot allow privileges for accessing or using the 服务 through their 用户帐号 to others, unless Whizlabs offers a standard mechanism for similar application. 用户s are responsible for all the uses of 服务 related to their 用户帐号, irrespective of the use being personal or through a third-party.
  2. 用户s cannot implement the 用户帐号 in any commercial purposes that include direct or indirect applications, which may or may not result in reducing potential fees for Whizlabs or other related considerations involved. In the event of unauthorized commercial use pertaining to the 用户帐号, Whizlabs reserves the right for implementing suitable measures that include immediate account suspension or legal suits 和 claims for infringement, among others.
  3. Authorized Use of a 用户帐号 through 机构s (as outlined in the Section 2 of this 最终用户许可协议) does not qualify as a violation of Section 3.2 presented above.
  4. 用户s should safeguard the confidentiality of their 账户凭证 by specifically agreeing to refrain from using any other 账户凭证 other than theirs, or disclosing 账户凭证 to a third party or service, other than the authorizedThird-Party Service, for protecting the security of their 账户凭证 和 服务.
  5. 用户s agree to follow reasonable methods for safeguarding the secrecy of their 账户凭证 alongside providing immediate notifications to Whizlabs on [电子邮件 protected], regarding any disclosure, known or suspected loss or theft of their 账户凭证, 和/or access codes that users get in relation to the 服务.


  1. Whizlabs Software Private Limited和/或Whizlabs Education Inc,在适用的情况下,连同其附属公司和/或许可人,均对通过服务提供的网站,课程资料和相关内容拥有专有权(以下简称““Materials”)以及支持的软件,系统和应用程序(特此称为“Applications”). The 用料 和 应用领域 are under the safeguards of international copyright laws 和 various intellectual property laws in US, India 和 many other countries. Whizlabs also reserves the rights that are not granted expressly herein.
  2. Any form of reproducing, modifying, adapting, redistributing or publishing the 用料 or 应用领域 , either completely or in parts, without the express consent of Whizlabs 和/or its registered licensors in written form, unless otherwise specified in this 最终用户许可协议, is strictly prohibited. The 服务 can allow users to copy or download specific 用料 although the same qualify as ‘允许的教育用途’在相关知识产权法规的范围内,同时也确保了上述限制的适用。
  3. Whizlabs或其许可人对商标,商号和服务标志拥有专有权(在此简称为“Marks”)。未经Whizlabs拥有而出现在服务中的任何商标均被视为各自所有者的财产。
  4. 用户表示同意避免滥用或损坏与服务相关的商标,或使用商标或类似的商标,以歪曲商标的所有权或使公众混淆任何产品或服务的来源或来源。
  5. 用户还应避免在未经商标所有人的明确书面同意的情况下使用任何商标,应通过适当的通知并附带所有人的商标权,或根据商标各自所有者提供的适当使用指南来使用商标。标记。商标的许可使用可能对有关商标所有人有极大的好处。


  1. Whizlabs提供使用服务的许可,并且受到限制,并限制了可转让性,再许可和专有性。该许可适用于期望的目的,并遵循本EULA中概述的条款和限制,隐私政策以及用户的其他附加条款’s 机构 or registered 第三方服务 can establish.
  2. 用户s can display, use, download, print or reformat the 用料 sourced through 服务 according to their desired functions when the functions are available on the 服务, specifically for personal education, individual 和 non-commercial purposes.
  3. 用户负责解决正确使用和访问服务所必需的现有硬件,Internet浏览器,操作系统和其他技术规范。
  4. Whizlabs保留此处未授予的所有权利。
  5. 用户s acknowledge that the license provided in accordance to this 最终用户许可协议 does not offer title or ownership of the 服务 or 用料 included within. On the contrary, 用户s should acknowledge that they have a right of limited use that comes under the terms 和 conditions outlined for this 最终用户许可协议.

6. Fair use of 用料

In cases where users have to reproduce 用料 for educational objectives with non-commercial nature, in the category of “fair use”, “fair dealing” or related equivalent under the relevant copyright 和 intellectual property laws, users can request for a particular permission from Whizlabs for reproduction of the 用料.

7. 禁止使用 of 用料

  1. 用户s are not allowed for using, modifying, adapting, reformatting, downloading, uploading, posting, reproducing, broadcasting, publishing, displaying, performing, transferring, recording, sharing, taking screenshots or redistribution of any 用料 in any type of format, media or form or through any other means without the prior express written consent of Whizlabs 和/or the related licensors, except the cases where users have express permission in accordance to this 最终用户许可协议.
  2. 用户承认,在材料中传播任何类型的评估问题或答案都可能对服务的价值造成重大负面影响,因此被严格禁止。在此限制没有任何变化的情况下,用户还必须承认采用“Prohibited Uses”如下所示,不符合“fair use”并在未经书面许可的情况下明确禁止遵守本EULA的条款。用户还应确认以下任何一项“Prohibited Uses”视为严重违反本EULA中概述的条款。
    1. Ensuring the availability of 用料 in print format in the form of “course packets” 和/or library reserve materials or ensuring the online availability of 用料 outside the scope of the 服务, irrespective of the relationship between the use 和 the course associated with the provided 服务.
    2. Ensuring availability of 用料 through any method to others who do not qualify as Authorized 用户s, including members of the user’s 机构, 和/or with relation to courses 和 other activities that do not authorize the use of 服务
    3. Publication or other forms of dissemination of solutions to questions or other assessment materials in the 用料, created by Whizlabs, a third party or even the user, to the sources that are external to the 服务.
    4. Reproduction or distribution of any charts, outlines, illustrations, chapters, photographs, e-books 和 extensive text excerpts in the 用料 through any method, to the sources that are external to the 服务.

8. 禁止使用 of 服务

  1. 用户s are expressly restricted from any conduct that could result in,
    • Threats to security, availability 和 integrity of the 服务
    • Access to 服务 through unauthorized services or users
    • Prohibited duplication, exposure or transmission of the 应用领域 , 用户内容 (defined in the sections below) 和 用料 related to the 服务
  2. 用户提供陈述和协议,以在违反本EULA,适用的当地,州,国家或国际法律先例和/或用户的学术规则和政策时,避免使用服务。’s 机构.
  3. 用户还表示同意避免以可能威胁到服务或与服务相关联的网络的安全性,完整性或稳定性的方式使用服务(以下简称““Service Network”).
  4. 用户在不做任何上述更改的情况下,承认并表示同意不采取以下措施,
    1. 冒充任何人或实体或虚假陈述或陈述用户’s affiliation with an entity or a person along with the use of 账户凭证 of another person such as passwords, or ensuring availability of your “Account Credentials” 和 “User Account” for use to others.
    2. 使用或尝试使用‘data mining’, ‘deep-link’, ‘spider’, ‘scraper’, ‘robot’, ‘computer code’, ‘bot’ or other automated devices, programs, processes, methodologies, algorithms, tools or manual processes that have similar functionality or processes for accessing, acquiring, copying or monitoring any part of the 服务, any other 用料 or any data or content available on or accessible through the 服务, without any prior express written permission of Whizlabs, either through visible display on the 服务 or access functionality through visible link on the 服务.
    3. 违反为限制或阻止对服务的访问而采取的措施,或者通过任何方法,通过服务上的可见显示或服务上显示的可见链接,为用户量身定制的,不是专门为用户量身定制的任何内容,信息或功能, 。
    4. Decompilation, reverse engineering or other attempts for obtaining the source code of 服务
    5. Attempts of any manner or scale for obtaining unauthorized access to the 服务网络, obtaining the password, 账户凭证 or related security information from or of other Authorized 用户 or violation of 服务网络 security or accessing encrypted codes.
    6. Interference with or disruption of ideal operations of 服务 or 服务网络, or violation of requirements regulations, policies 和 procedures of the 服务网络
    7. Whizlabs拥有绝对的绝对酌情权,决定采取或尝试采取任何行动,以帮助在服务网络上施加不合理或不成比例的更大负担或负载,破坏正常数据流或威胁服务网络和服务的稳定性。
    8. Engaging in any conduct that falls under the sole 和 absolute discretion of Whizlabs 和 reduces the commercial or pedagogical value of 服务 or infringes proprietary rights in the 用料, 应用领域 or 服务, failing which it results in violation of this 最终用户许可协议
  5. 对于被认为参与或进行了上述活动的任何用户,违反本最终用户许可协议的条款,Whizlabs保留保留暂停或终止访问和使用服务的权利的完全酌情决定权,或其行为已经或可能对Whizlabs,服务,服务网络和其他用户造成伤害的用户或任何其他原因。对于确定暂停或终止对服务的访问和使用的标准,Whizlabs具有绝对的绝对酌处权。此外,Whizlabs还可以在用户竞标的任何特定时间暂停或终止用户的访问。’s 机构.

9. 用户内容

  1. 服务可以向授权用户提供功能,以创建,上传或发布问题,数据,响应,想法,文章,聊天对话,多媒体内容,活动,信息,消息,文本和其他提交或材料,包括在模拟实验室中进行的活动。相关课程的环境(特此称为“User Content”).
  2. 用户s bear the sole responsibility for 用户内容 that they post on the 服务 和 express agreement to avoid creation, posting, uploading or linking to any particular 禁止的用户内容 (defined the sections below).
  3. Whizlabs对用户内容不进行任何预检查,同时不承担用户内容的责任。用户内容中表达的任何观点和观点不一定反映Whizlabs和相关许可方的观点。 Whizlabs保留自行决定出于任何特定原因监视,拒绝发布,分发或删除任何用户内容的权利,而没有任何义务。 Whizlabs还保留终止用户访问服务的权利,以限制进一步发布或分发被禁止的用户内容。
  4. 用户s should report any 禁止的用户内容 they discover to Whizlabs immediately for taking necessary action.

10. Use of 用户内容

  1. 用户授予Whizlabs永久,全球,免版税的许可和权利,以使用,托管,许可,存储,复制,显示,传输,改编和分发由用户创建,发布,上载或链接的用户内容,或与服务相关的,由类似的用户内容(如为使用户内容具有更好的功能而进行的更改而产生的衍生产品)量身定制的任何其他衍生作品。
  2. Whizlabs does bear any form or responsibility or liability for deleting, destroying, damaging, losing or failing in the storage of any 用户内容.
  3. 用户s provide representation for receiving the right for granting Whizlabs with the right for ensuring availability of user content under ownership of third parties posted by the user, at the same level as the 用料 included in the 服务.
  4. 用户s provide express agreement to offering suitable copyright notices with relation to any 用户内容 that involves the user or a third party asserting their right of copyright.
  5. The user interface on the 服务 available for posting or uploading 用户内容 can help in presenting additional terms 和 options, which can support as well as exert the similar force 和 effect according to the terms in this 最终用户许可协议.

11. Restricted 和 禁止的用户内容


  1. 非法,威胁,下流,辱骂,诽谤,令人反感,有害,可恨,骚扰,粗俗,曲折,淫秽,诽谤,可恨,侵害他人’s privacy or having racial, ethnic or other objections or ensuring violation of the 机构 rules 和 policies.
  2. 侵犯相关方的专利,商标,版权,商业秘密或专有权,或者您无权根据信托或合同关系进行传输(例如在披露专有和机密信息以及内部信息中)的专利,商标,版权,商业秘密或专有权根据保密协议或雇佣关系。
  3. 通过使用恶意代码或尝试使用污染性或破坏性的设备,危害服务的安全性,完整性和可用性,或对任何用户或其财产造成损害。
  4. 广告材料和/或任何未经授权或未经请求的促销材料,连锁信,垃圾邮件,SPAM或其他形式的宣传的传播,这些信息违反了适用的规则,法律和法规,或者以其他方式干扰了服务和服务网络的理想运行。

12. 用户建议

  1. Whizlabs随时欢迎有关服务的建议和反馈。用户可以提交建议的添加,改进或其他评论(特此称为“User Suggestions”)通过服务以在线,口头,离线或书面形式提供给Whizlabs。
  2. 用户表示同意以下事实:与用户建议相关的所有权利,所有权和权益以及其他知识产权将成为Whizlabs的专有财产,同时获得Whizlabs的唯一绝对酌情决定权获得用于商业目的的资格,无需支付任何费用或对用户负责,无论用户建议的提交方式如何。
  3. 这项政策旨在限制将来可能会误解的可能性,因为当Whizlabs制造的产品和服务可被视为与个人相似时,’的评论或他人的陈述。


  1. 对于通过以下方式访问的第三方内容,应用程序或服务,Whizlabs不承担任何责任:通过嵌入到Whizlabs所有权和控制下的网站中,或通过服务上的链接或重定向到第三方托管的网站(第三方外部) Whizlabs的控制(特此称为“Third-Party Sites”).
  2. Whizlabs不对第三方站点或第三方内容的准确性,质量和完整性提供任何担保或保证,并且对与任何错误,侵犯,遗漏第三方权利或任何非法行为相关的所有责任不承担任何责任。来自类似的网站或内容。在服务中包含指向第三方站点的链接并不意味着对服务第三方站点的所有者进行赞助或认可。
  3. Whizlabs does not take any responsibility for unavailability of 第三方网站 accessible through links to 服务.
  4. 用户s can report non-functional links to a Third-Party Site immediately. In addition, users must also report any links that directs them to 禁止的用户内容 or inappropriate content.

14. Availability of the 服务

  1. 服务范围和可用性的变化取决于:(a)购买或注册期间突出显示的其他条款;(b)特定课程或服务的注册或注册;(c)Whizlabs与Google之间的许可条款用户’s 机构.
  2. Whizlabs does not bear responsibility for access restrictions due to 第三方服务 or due to specific account settings set up by the user’s 机构.
  3. 用户s are solely responsible for bringing in Internet access for using the 服务.
  4. 用户s could access a specific Course available through the 服务 only for the duration of the eligible 订阅, irrespective of using or not using the 服务, alongside bearing the scope of the right of Whizlabs for terminating access of users according to this 最终用户许可协议. 用户s can also obtain 机构 access for another time period.
  5. Whizlabs采取了合理的努力来确保具有有效订阅的授权用户可以使用服务。但是,由于紧急维护,例行维护或不受Whizlabs控制的因素,服务可能会在有限的时间内出现可用性问题,例如Internet服务中断或对服务安全性或完整性的空前威胁或任何其他暴力事件。
  6. Whizlabs可以随时限制您对服务的使用和可访问性,无论是否通知,和/或确保不中止服务的特定部分,内容或功能。
  7. Whizlabs would employ the reasonable efforts for offering active 订阅s notice about notable changes to the 服务 to Authorized 用户s in cases where reasonably possible alongside providing alternative services or materials in event of unavailability of major portions of the 服务.

15. 订阅 和 Access

  1. 在审阅期内,将根据具体情况向用户提供服务(在此简称为“Review Period”) in the sole discretion of Whizlabs. 用户s will receive access to the 服务 without any charges during the 审查期. In event of limited time for 审查期, the access to 服务 offered in trial review will face termination in event of failure in payment before the 审查期 ends. However, the Service termination does not result in automatic termination of 用户帐号.
  2. 用户s present express acknowledge 和 agreement to the fact that Whizlabs, at its sole discretion, can immediately terminate or restrict access to a Service for which you have received a 审查期, if it finds that users are utilizing the 审查期 as a replacement for a particular paid Service.
  3. 在暂停或终止对类似服务的访问的情况下,用户应对以下事实表示承认并同意:(a)服务及其相关功能,材料,活动以及用户创建的任何相关结果’用户和其他人可能无法使用该软件,并且(b)用户或任何其他个人均无权访问或使用因使用其暂停或终止的课程,相关功能,材料或活动而产生的任何结果,无论课程或服务中此类结果的可用性。
  4. In event of termination of access to a Course on the grounds of non-purchase of Course 订阅 followed by subsequent reinstating of access to the Course by Whizlabs upon receive payment later, the reinstated access would come under the scope of terms in this 最终用户许可协议.

16. Termination by 用户 Subject

  1. 用户s can terminate their 用户帐号 at any time with a notification to Whizlabs about the same decision or due to restrictions on 用户帐号 by their 机构 or 第三方服务 that enables access to the 服务.
  2. Whizlabs认为用户对服务的满意度非常重要。如果对服务有任何疑问或投诉,用户可以立即通过Whizlabs支持与Whizlabs联系。
  3. 用户可以访问退款政策中的条款和条件,并认为它们适用于在服务终止后允许执行任何退款索赔的情况。

17. Whizlabs终止

Whizlabs可能会暂停用户 ’s access to all or a specific part of 服务, according to its sole discretion 和 even with or without any advanced notification, or undertake termination of rights for using 服务 for any use or conduct (whether through you or any other individual with access to 服务 in the scope of your 用户帐号), upon believing reasonably that it violates the terms of this 最终用户许可协议.


  1. Sections 12, 14, 17 to 22, 25 和 26 of this 最终用户许可协议 are application for any termination, irrespective of whether it is initiated by user, their institution or Whizlabs.
  2. Any type of 用户帐号 information, specifications, data or settings or customizations for a Service or 订阅, initiated whether by user, Whizlabs or the 机构.
  3. 用户内容 和 any other user information related with the utilization of 服务 can still have accessibility under the user’s 机构 or to the degree which it is posted on a public forum or to other Service users for which similar information was published, even after termination.

19. 用户 Remedies


  1. Restoring access to the 服务 for which user has subscribed.
  2. Refunding fees paid directly by users to Whizlabs for a specific Service or 订阅, according to the 退款政策.


  1. 用户向以下人员提供明确的确认和同意:(a)用户承担使用服务的风险,并且在“As Available” or “As Is”(b)用户不依赖Whizlabs代表或转售商的任何声明,建议或信息,这些声明,建议或信息可被视为这些服务的保证或为Whizlabs的任何责任奠定基础,并且(c)Whizlabs及其相关许可人和承包商已根据适用法律对所有保证和类似条件以及在交易,使用贸易,履约甚至什至包括对适销性和默示保证的默示保证的范围内,在尽可能可行的范围内,对所有保证和类似条件做出了明确的免责声明。符合特定目标和不侵权的资格。
  2. Whizlabs或其许可人不对以下各项提供任何陈述或保证,(a)服务或用户’服务的使用将是无错误且无缝的,(b)使用服务获得的结果的准确性或可靠性,并且(c)服务将与用户保持一致’s requirements


  1. 在任何情况下,Whizlabs或其员工,代理,许可人,管理人员和承包商均不对任何类型的任何类型的附带,补偿,结果性,特殊以及间接或惩罚性赔偿负责。 Whizlabs的责任限制也适用于因使用或无法使用服务,或通过服务可访问的任何第三方站点或应用程序,财产损失,利润损失,数据和商誉而引起的索赔或损害以及第三方索赔或其他无形损失和损失,具体取决于通过服务提供的任何内容或信息,以及因使用服务而产生的任何其他类型的损失。
  2. Whizlabs在服务方面的最高总额永远不会超过用户为造成损失的特定服务所支付的总费用。本节概述的限制适用,无论基于侵权或合同主张责任,还是以前曾向Whizlabs告知可能造成任何类似损失或损害或本EULA中有限解决方案失效的情况下,均适用。有关目标。
  3. 在验证支持诉讼因由的事实或用户合理知道的事实后的一年内,用户可以就此EULA采取任何行动。 最终用户许可协议的任何方面都不旨在排除或限制根据适用法律可能不受合法排除或限制的任何条件,权利,责任或保证。同时,用户中合法的限制’的司法管辖区有资格向用户提出申请,在这种情况下; Whizlabs的责任仅限于最大允许范围内。

22. 用户 Liability

  1. 用户s express warranty 和 representation to Whizlabs as an Authorized 用户 和 commit to avoid using the 服务 for any unlawful purpose or one that is restricted in accordance to this 最终用户许可协议, for a condition of using the 服务.
  2. 用户还表示同意捍卫,赔偿和持有Whizlabs,相关员工,许可人,承包商,官员和代理商,使其免于因未经授权使用服务以及与之相关的任何形式的费用,索偿,负债或损害而产生或与之相关的任何形式本EULA。


  1. 与用户有关的所有行为,争议和纠纷’服务的使用(分别称为“Claim”) 和 this 最终用户许可协议, come under the scope of terms in this Section.
  2. 对于任何索赔,用户明确服从卡纳塔克邦或印度共和国新德里州法院的单独和专有管辖权和所在地。
  3. 用户表示同意根据印度共和国的法律先例处理任何索赔并解释该索赔,而无需关注索赔与法律原则的冲突。


  1. 用户’s use of 服务, 应用领域 和associated technology are under the jurisdiction of legal precedents for US or international control or export (referred as “Export Laws”).
  2. 用户表示同意严格遵守所有相关出口法律,没有任何限制,并承认有责任根据要求对应用程序及相关技术的出口,再出口或进口获得授权。用户还提供以下事实的陈述和保证:(a。)用户不在受美国政府禁运或被美国政府归类为美国‘terrorist supporting’国家和(b。)用户未在美国政府的任何条目中列出’限制或禁止的当事人名单。
  3. 用户应同意避免通过电子平台将服务直接或间接转移到美国政府和相关机构要求出口许可证的任何国家,代表,代理或国家的外国公民,否则他们可以对类似出口施加限制。
  4. 用户必须赔偿和持有Whizlabs,因为它们是无害的,并且不受任何类型的索赔,罚款,损失,费用,负债,处罚,损害赔偿和费用以及律师的约束。’的费用,其中包括源自或与本节中任何形式的违反用户义务有关的费用。


  1. This 最终用户许可协议 is a personal entity for every user 和 users cannot assign, transfer or delegate their 用户帐号 or their rights or obligations in accordance to this 最终用户许可协议.
  2. Whizlabs还可以确保根据本EULA完全或部分分配或委托其权利和义务,属于Whizlabs的权利和本EULA的义务以及Whizlabs与用户签订的其他协议’s 机构.
  3. Even if any provision in this 最终用户许可协议 is deemed invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction on the basis of any reason, the rest of this 最终用户许可协议 would be valid 和 enforceable according to the underlying terms.
  4. This 最终用户许可协议 serves as the whole agreement between Whizlabs 和 the user in relation to the 服务 和 is not vulnerable to modifications without a signed written agreement.
  5. Section headings 和 summaries presented in this 最终用户许可协议 are capable of offering better convenience without any legal meaning or impact.
  6. 通过行为或其他方式一次或多次执行本EULA中任何条款或条件的任何形式的失败或放弃,都不会限制Whizlabs在任何给定时间执行本EULA中任何条款或条件的能力。

26. Updates to 最终用户许可协议

  1. Whizlabs introduces frequent changes in this 最终用户许可协议 for various reasons, especially for conforming to current practices or compliance with varying regulatory specifications or associated purposes.
  2. Whizlabs在EULA中进行的修改导致用户可用服务的条款或范围发生更改,这将要求Whizlabs做出合理的努力,向您提供通知或通过电子邮件或有关服务的合理通知与您联系,以提醒用户有关类似更改的警报。
  3. 用户’在收到关于EULA中上述变更的合理通知后继续使用服务,将视为他们同意经修改的EULA条款,适用于在合理通知后对服务的任何使用。

This 最终用户许可协议 is an agreement that binds you to the license of using Whizlabs services. If you have any questions regarding our 隐私政策 和 使用条款, please check //www.yibangsheji.com/privacy-policy//www.yibangsheji.com/terms-of-use/. For any concerns regarding this End 用户 License Agreement (EULA), you may feel free to reach us at [电子邮件 protected]